A FACTT – Seeking Collaborations

A FACTT seeks to establish collaborations with various stakeholders in the field. Essential interactions will be established with:

European Programs:
• COST Action BM09/07 “European Network for Translational Immunology Research and Education: From Immunomonitoring to personalised immunotherapy”
• The ONE Study (FP7): A Unified Approach to Evaluating Cellular Immunotherapy in Solid Organ Transplantation
International Organisations: an important interaction will be initiated with the US-based and NIH-sponsored Immune Tolerance Network (ITN). This Action will actively involve ITN leaders to participate as external experts in the scientific Workshops and the educational activities. This Action will try to establish synergies with groups of the ITN for applying for joint research funding.
Regulatory agencies, such as EMA. A FACTT aims to define recommendations for CTT translation into the clinics. Regulatory authorities will be invited for specific meetings to discuss consensus statements and guidelines defined in this project.
The pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies. A FACTT will actively approach them for both, scientific and collaborative purposes.