Secondary Objectives A FACTT

The secondary objectives of this Action are to:

Define, test, evaluate and standardise quality control (QC) parameters and protocols (safety and functionality) for CTT products, and publish consensus QC guidelines and protocols in scientific journals and on the A FACTT Website.
Develop, implement and evaluate standardised panels of biomarkers for monitoring the immune status of patients before, during and after treatment with CTT and publish consensus biomarker guidelines and protocols in scientific journals and on the A FACTT website.
Develop and standardise ex vivo assays, based on the proposed mechanism(s)-of-action (MoA) of specific CTT and analyse their potential to identify Correlates of Protection (COP) in upcoming CTT trials.
Evaluate pre-clinical and clinical data in relation to different pathological conditions to determine the optimal type of CTT, including antigen-specificity of CTT.
Promote European coordination through direct exchange of ideas and findings and organisation of meetings between members of this Action (A FACTT) and other parties involved in CTT, like pharmaceutical companies, regulatory authorities (national and European), other research programs and EU consortia and the US-based and NIH-sponsored Immune Tolerance Network (ITN).
Train Early-Stage preclinical and clinical Researchers (ESR) in the field of CTT (taking into account gender balance) by organising Workshops, Training Schools and by facilitating Short-Time Scientific Missions (STSM) (all WGs).
Submit applications for joint research programs and multicentre trials in the context of Horizon 2020 or other large-scale funding opportunities.