A FACTT Short Term Scientific Missions BM1305

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Short Term Scientific Missions as part of the COST Action A FACTT, Action to Focus and Accelerate Cell-based Tolerance-inducing Therapies, will provide scientists with individual support to conduct scientific and educational exchange between partner laboratories.

Call for Applications Short Term Scientific Missions A FACTT project BM1305

A FACTT is accepting applications for short-term scientific missions (STSMs). The financial contribution for STSMs will be a fixed grant covering travel expenses and subsistence according to the following rules:

– The reimbursement rate per day is EUR 160 maximum;

– A maximum EUR 2 500 in total can be afforded to the grantee;

– This grant will not necessarily cover all expenses; it is intended only as a contribution to the travel and subsistence costs of the participant.


Preference will be given for research visits of young and early stage researchers that are employed in an institution of a COST country having joined this Action. Lab leaders are also allowed to apply, but for shorter periods and if money allows. Standard STSMs are supposed to have a minimum duration of 5 days and a maximum duration of 90 days.


Applicants must either log in at eCOST or, in case of lacking access data, first create their own COST account. You can do so following this link: eCost. Once ready, they need to present their application using the tools provided in eCost.

A FACTT is strongly encouraging the use of Strong Authentification as offered by COST when applying for a STSM, which saves you paperwork. Click here for more information on how Strong Authentification works.

Please take notice of the A FACTT Action code when applying for a Short Term Scientific Missions : BM1305

If you’re interested, please find here more details and information about Short Term Scientific Missions and on how to apply for STSM in the COST framework consulting the COST Action Vademecum, pages 32 to 37

Applicants must not forget to include all necessary supporting documents (cv, full work plan, list of publications, motivation letter, letter of support from the home institution, written agreement of the host institution as detailed in the COST Vademecum).