A FACTT Potential Impact and Target Groups

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Potential Impact and Short Term Benefits

The immediate benefits of the Action will be:

  • Defined, improved and standardised CTT for treatment of AID, allergy and transplant rejection.
  • Improved immune monitoring of CTT, hereby optimising interpretation of clinical results and allowing comparison of individual trial results.
  • Avoidance of redundancy of similar trials at different locations in Europe.
  • Extended knowledge on the MoA of CTT, as well as basic mechanisms of immune tolerance allowing identification of Correlates of Protection (COP).
  • Dissemination of knowledge regarding CTT to pharmaceutical industry interested in development of CTT or immunomonitoring tools.
  • Enhancement of education, training and mobility of ESR to guarantee the establishment of a new generation of research leaders in CTT.
  • Increased professional, political and public awareness of the medical and social impact of CTT and the added value of personalised therapies.
  • Basis for joint major effective European grant funding application.
Long Term Benefits

The following long term benefits will be derived from the A ACTT project

  • Positive personal and social impact for patients, their families and overall society by minimizing adverse effects and rendering obsolete the requirement for life-long use of current therapies. Specific CTT aims are to lower morbidity, reduce hospitalisation frequencies and improve quality of life.
  • CTT-based therapies are well suited for individualised therapeutic approaches, and in some diseases offer the prospect to cure these.
  • Reduce the economic burden of these chronic and debilitating diseases in Europe by less frequent hospitalisation, increased health of patients and less need for lifelong therapeutics.
A FACTT Target Groups / End Users

The end users of this Action are:

  • Academic researchers and clinicians interested and/or involved in development of CTT.
  • Academic researchers interested in immunological basis of AID, allergic disease and induction of transplantation tolerance as well as the development of tools for immune monitoring.
  • Pharmaceutical industry and biotech companies involved in development of CTT products and in immune monitoring tools.
  • Regulatory agencies (National and European) and health care providers: the Action will provide advice, guidelines and consensus statements with regard to the use and safety of CTT products and immunomonitoring of CTT.
  • Patients suffering from AID, allergy, transplant rejection and GvHD, their families and patient organizations.
  • Society at large, particularly by economic savings and diversion of funds into other areas of need.

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