4th International workshop on Clinical Therapeutic Tolerance Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom

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From 27 -30 June 2017

4th International workshop on Clinical Therapeutic Tolerance 27 -30 June 2017 Every 4 years Newcastle University is hosting its international conference/ workshop on Clinical Therapeutic Tolerance. Previous editions covered ‘Therapeutic Tolerance: Myth or Reality?’ (2005), ‘Therapeutic Tolerance: Closer to Reality?’ (2009) and ‘Therapeutic Tolerance: Tolerance Inducing Strategies in the Clinic’. (2013)

This fourth workshop carries the title ‘Therapeutic Tolerance: First-in-Human Data’ and will be held from 27th – 30th June 2017. Main focus of
the meeting shall be the analysis of data from the first therapeutic tolerance trials, as well as survey the field for future opportunities.

The programme has been planned to allow ample time for discussion and true debate and there will also be an opportunity for poster
presentations (with prizes).

Confirmed speakers include: I Anegon (Nantes, France), H Bandukwala (Massachusetts, USA) M Bernardo (Milan, Italy), L Chatenoud (Paris, France), A Coles (Cambridge, UK), A Cope (London, UK), M Ehrenstein (London, UK), R Germain, (Bethesda, USA), L Graca (Lisbon, Portugal) , C Hilkens (Newcastle, UK), G Hollander (Oxford, UK), M Hernandez-Fuentes (London, UK), D Howie (Oxford, UK), J Isaacs (Newcastle, UK) , T Johnson (Augusta, USA), H Jonuleit (Mainz, Germany), G Kassiotis (London, UK), S Khleif (Augusta, USA), K Kishimoto (Massachusetts, USA), L Klareskog (Stockholm, Sweden), G Lombardi (London, UK), C Mauri (London, UK), A Mellor (Newcastle, UK), M Peakman (London, UK), A Radbruch (Berlin, Germany), M Rosenzwajg (Paris, France), D. Sansom (London, UK), G Schett (Erlangen, Germany), E Shevach (Bethesda, USA), A Suri (Turnhoutseweg, Begium), PP Tak (Stevenage, UK), R Thomas (Brisbane Australia), P Trozonkowski (Gdansk, Poland), W van Eden (Utrecht, The Netherlands), J van Laar (Utrecht, The Netherlands), F van Wijk (Utrecht, The Netherlands), D Vignali (Pittsburgh, USA), H Waldmann (Oxford, UK), R Wilkinson (Cambridge, UK), D Wraith (Birmingham, UK)

Would you like to participate ? These are the dates

Submit your poster presentations before Friday 17 March 2017
Please consult the web for poster requirements

Early booking discount until Marh 31st, 2017z
Last booking date : 9th June 2017

More info
Lisa Tait (lisa.tait@ncl.ac.uk)

[Source: Newcastle University ]

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Newcastle upon Tyne, 23 February2017

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